Writerzen Review 2022: Don’t Miss the Biggest Deal

Writerzen Review 2022: Don’t Miss the Biggest Deal - The Brand Reality

Ranking on Google search results is the prime focus for all bloggers and businesses. However, it has been a tough task that everyone considers lengthy as a tough task that takes time and effort. What if someone takes this responsibility so that you can focus on sales?

Writerzen is such a service that helps you create stunning content that drives traffic to earn more from your content. This article is about the Writerzen Review that will give you insights into their great service and the WriterZen roadmap.

Writerzen is an AI-based tool, and it is here for you to take care of your content and SEO without worrying about the ever-changing SEO algorithms. So, if you are in the looking zone for your content needs, your search ends here with Writerzen.

I have personally experienced all of its features, and I am very impressed by their work towards their research of keywords as a keyword explorer and SEO. Another thing that I liked the most about its plagiarism checker because it saves your article from being duplicated.

What is Writerzen?

WriterZen is an Ai-based SEO content solution for those who create content for businesses. Creating good quality content that drives traffic is nicely done by it and attracts more visitors and customers and, as a result, improves your business volume.

WriterZen does everything for you as you can research better ideas, search keywords, compare your business with your rivals, and rank for highly competitive keywords that bring business.

Now, writing SEO-friendly content on WriterZen is an easy job for bloggers. So, when you have WriterZen, you do not need to do anything else to improve your business.

WriterZen uses keyword data from Google to give you a real-time analysis of the trending keywords.

writerzen-content-solutionFeatures of WriterZen:

1. Easy interface 

When you log in to WriterZen, the first thing that you notice is the clean dashboard with organized tools. When you go into the center of the screen, you see it has three buttons for its major features.

You can start with your favorite feature by clicking on it, and you will see most of the options available on the left sidebar.

When you check the top of a screen, you will see the remaining credits that you can use in your account. Another great feature that I like about it is Its keyword recommendation based on your recent and frequent uses that performed well and brought the most business.

2. Informative Guides

Another great feature that I like about this website is its informative guide and tools. since many bloggers are new on this platform, they might need assistance on how to use that particular feature for which they can use the informative guide or which are always available on the bottom of the screen.

This feature will always help you find out how to use all the features because it will give you a step-by-step guide that you can use with the ‘back’ and ‘next’ options to understand more about the available features.

3. Topic Discovery

One of the most common things that happen with most bloggers and businesses is that they keep tracking the same keyword every time, And doing this can take your audience away from you, which you can’t afford.

Its topic Discovery feature helps you a lot in this condition because it gives you a new trending keyword so that you don’t have to spend more time searching for a better keyboard. 

4. Keyword Explorer

Keyword search is a boon for most bloggers and businesses because it helps you find better keywords for your next blog. There are two ways to search for a Keyword; firstly, you can enter the base keyword, and it will give you the recommended keyword according to that, and in another case, you copy the URL of the competitor’s website. It will give you the best performing and sub-keywords that created the most business for them.

5. Content Creator

The content creator is another great feature of this website because we can create optimized content that goes according to specific keywords. Not just content. It suggests better titles and ensures that your blog comes in the particular search engine results.

How to Get WriterZen Lifetime AppSumo Deal ($69)?

  • To avail of this deal, please visit WriterZen Deal.
  • Once you land on the homepage, a pop screen will appear with discount details.
  • You can enter your email for more exclusive benefits.
  • Once you sign up, you get a $10 discount immediately.
  • The discount is valid for new customers only.

Major Benefits of WriterZen Lifetime Deal

  • Lifetime access
  • SERP Overview Ahrefs data
  • Export function
  • Filtering Golden Keywords
  • Keyword wise sales report
  • Shareable links for freelancers
  • Headline generator for competitors
  • Report sharing links
  • 20 keyword list
  • 3000-world limit per analysis
  • 50 keyword lookups daily
  • 50 content brief monthly
  • 25k words check per day
  • 5,000 AI writing words per day

Prime Highlights of WriterZen Assistant

  • Lifetime access
  • GPT-3 platform enabled
  • Content generation is just one-click away
  • 15+ major languages 
  • Awesome tool for businesses, freelancers, bloggers, etc., with ready-to-use templates.


This fantastic software comes with two options: a free trial and a paid membership. The free trial, on one hand, has a limited number of functions and is only available for seven days.

On the other hand, the paid subscription includes a slew of incredible features and functions. It’s important to note that you can cancel your subscription at any moment. Monthly and yearly pricing are the two possibilities for picking pricing.

However, it is currently available for a $69 Writerzen lifetime deal. And if you are a new user you will get an extra $10 off which includes lifetime validity.

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