Top URL Shortner? All About Infilink. Feature, Price, Demo & Everything – 2023

Top URL Shortener? All About Infilink. Feature, Price, Demo & Everything - 2022 - The Brand Reality

INFILINK, A solution to all your marketing approaches. Here is an honest review of the same for you. Read the article further to know how exactly it can help you to get better results. Follow the article next to know in detail about the same.

1. It improves your marketing approach overall

Your conversion rate will go up if you understand your users and clients. With our system, you can keep tabs on everything. You may study the data, whether it relates to the number of clicks, the country, or the referrer.

2. You can get infinite possibilities with one short link

When used wisely, a short link can be a strong marketing tool. Between your customer and their destination, it serves as a medium rather than merely a link. You can learn so much about your consumers and their habits from a brief link.

Do not be constrained by the links. Ensure that your links promote your brand. the new benchmark for link shortening. a fresh benchmark for link analysis. Learn about unique metrics for redirection and enhance your brand engagement with your staff. Organize your links with ease.

3. Here you will get the updated benchmark for link management

After login in, the dashboard’s capabilities, along with the API, make managing links simpler. Link management is now simpler than ever thanks to Infilink, and cutting-edge analytics let you know what is happening with your links so you can enhance them and increase click-through rates.

Link shortening, Link analytics, branded links and own domains, an advanced dashboard, the ability to establish your own teams, an API, and a special link click-through rate measurement are all services that Inflilink provides.

  • Al linking service that promotes your brand is available here.
  • You can make custom short links for your business using Infilink.

Increase the number of clicks on your links to benefit your brand. Learn more from in-depth click analytics regarding the click-through rates for your link. Verify who, how, from where, and what devices people are clicking on your links.

4. A brief domain connection of your own

Make the most of your connections. Make sure that the links you send to your audience are legible and welcoming. To help your clients understand you better, keep your links brief but transmit a lot more information.

5. It’s not just another URL Shortener, it is a lot more than that

Infilink is a platform where you will manage all your links in an intuitive way. Infilink is a tool that will help you spread your wings by getting to know your audience and click-through rates for your links, thanks to an advanced click analytics system. Check the available short link management features. Cut your links with Infilink.

4. The editable portion of the link’s reverse

For improved conversion, create short links with personalized names, slugs, and aliases.

To make your link refer to the information it contains, you can change the short link’s second half in Infilink and give it a name. You will improve its click-through rate as a result. Short links that contain your own alias or name are preferable because they increase audience interaction.

5. This is perfect for marketing and sales

Your conversion rate will go up if you understand your users and clients. With our system, you can keep tabs on everything. You may study the data, whether it relates to the number of clicks, the country, or the referrer.

6. It helps in shortening links with your own branded domain while increasing CTR

Need a tool to not only shorten links and track click-through rates but also to maintain and represent your brand? Infilink offers this opportunity. You can calibrate and analyze link click-through rates on your own brand. You can add multiple custom domains and replace ours with 

7. It keeps track of your links via us

Infilink lets you measure your link click-through rate, so you know what’s going on with your links. This allows us to learn about the habits and preferences of our users and customers. In this way, you can improve and increase the CTR of your links to get the highest possible CTR and visit rate for your website or store, which will increase your sales. Plus, uniqueness can be set independently for link click-through analysis, giving you one of the most advanced link management platforms at your disposal.


Invite members, assign roles to team members, and manage links within your team

Create your own team and invite members. Organize your work more efficiently. Shorten, manage and analyze links that support your brand with your own team.

Each team can add and manage its own links, invite its own team members, add and use its own domains, and use its own APIs.


Get started with our API to add, edit, and download click stats for your links. The API also allows you to add and edit links on your own domain. Our company’s website has multiple APIs available depending on your subscription. Each team you create has its own API key, so you can organize your link management in your own way.

Here are the characteristics of Infilink:

  • clever targeting

Targeting your audience will help you reach more people and direct them to the right page. In order to capture them, add a pixel to your social media marketing campaign.

  • Advanced Analytics

Share your links with your network and track data to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Identify a suitable audience for your message.

  • Electronic Experience

Utilize a variety of effective solutions to boost conversion and give your consumers a non-intrusive experience without alienating them.

About QR code

QR codes that are simple to use, dynamic, and customized for your marketing efforts. Analyze data to improve your marketing approach and raise engagement.

The marketing approach 

Improve your marketing approach. Your conversion rate will go up if you understand your users and clients. With our system, you can keep tabs on everything. You may study the data, whether it relates to the number of clicks, the country, or the referrer.


  • CTA Overlays

Use our overlay tool to display unobtrusive notifications, polls, or even contact on the target website. Great for campaigns.

  • Event Tracking

Add your custom pixel from companies consisting of Facebook and music occasions proper whilst they’re happening.

  • Team Management

Invite your crew contributors and assign them unique privileges to manipulate links, bundles, pages, and different features.

  • Branded Domain Names

Easily upload your personal area call for brief hyperlinks and manipulate your logo call and your users’ trust.

  • Robust API

Use our effective API to construct custom programs or increase your personal software with our effective tools.


even in this, we have done a good job with various online sites such as: 

  • WordPress
  • Slack
  • Shortcuts

Pricing Pricing - The Brand Reality


To sum it all up, do your Marketing with confidence. Start your marketing campaign today and reach your customers efficiently.

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