All About Satvic Movement. Worth Attending Satvic Workshops?

All About Satvic Movement. Worth Attending Satvic Workshops? - The Brand Reality

There is no better food diet than a Satvic lifestyle, which benefits more when it comes to Satvic movement. It is all due to the astounding benefits that it brings to the table. In this article, we will be discussing the same discussed, the ‘satvic movement,’ and much more! Keep reading not to miss a single thing on this exciting theme. 

What is the Satvic movement? 

If you are looking for improvement in your health, a disease-free and healthy lifestyle, or to typically adopt a wholesome, nutritious diet, you are at the right place. This is what it is all about. Satvic movement is an online holistic platform related to health education that shares timeless health knowledge in modern implementable terms. It has a bag full of benefits for your health. It is also a community of thousands of people trying to work hard and create a better lifestyle for themselves. 

Satvic movement gives one hand in that to people looking for a change. 

The Three Gunas of Nature

We all have heard this word at some point in life, right? 

The word ‘GUNA .’In the philosophy of yoga, ‘PRAKRITI,’ which is the fundamental substrate, is the reason behind the emergence of these 3. Let us talk more about this very word; we have three types of guns, namely “SATTVA,” “RAJAS,” AND “TAMAS.” 

We will be discussing each of these as we go further. 

  1. RAJAS“- It describes activity and passion. It is a state of action, movement, change, and energy. This Guna strongly binds us to the fruit of our work. It believes in ‘attraction,’ and that nature is pure energy. Some other RAJAS qualities are anger, restlessness, and chaos. 
  2. TAMAS” describes darkness, inactivity, and inertia. It is that one that deludes all beings from their spiritual truths. It is believed that it manifests from ignorance. Other TAMAS qualities are laziness, depression, and doubt. 
  3. SATTVA“- It describes a state of harmony, joy, balance, and peace. It helps reduce the above two, and practices of this one are much more beneficial. Other Satvic qualities are love, compassion, cheerfulness, and bliss. 


How can I register for upcoming Satvic workshops? 

Multiple satvic movements are available and are easy to access. Trust the saying that switching from an abnormal lifestyle to a satvic one can be much more beneficial than you think. 

Now how you can register for upcoming satvic workshops is to keep an eye on the regular updates on any website you see. 

Some links are provided, too, to solve the purpose.

  • Juice Fast
  • Ultimate Health Challange
  • 5 am Challenge
  • 21-Day Yoga Challenge


How to achieve Satvic states of mind?  

Now, this is something that might grab your attention the minute you read it. Achieving Satvic’s state of mind is no rocket science and can be completed enjoyably. You practice yoga daily and adequately check your diet, sleep, and workouts. Learn to keep your mind in control and your heart full of love and empathy. This will help you make healthier choices and keep your overall system peaceful.


FOODS TO AVOID IF YOU’RE ON A Satvic Lifestyle: 

There could be a lot of food items you might need to skip if you follow a satvic diet, but no worries, you will not face many issues in avoiding those since you do not consume those daily. The list is as follows 

  1. Alcohol
  2. Fastfood
  3. Meat
  4. Fish
  5. Eggs
  6. Processed food
  7. Onion
  8. Garlic
  9. Dairy Products

 You need to avoid these basic ones during a satvic lifestyle strictly. 



As already said multiple times, the numerous benefits of satvic movement. Let us see some line-wise. 

  1. Maintain balance in body and mind  
  2. Improves digestive system
  3. Helps in weight loss
  4. Make your body toxin free
  5. Makes energetic for a more extended period
  6. Improves the immune system and acts as an immune booster.



Did we mention that the satvic movement is a better way of living your life? 

Presenting some tips for living a satvic movement as you go down the line. 

  1. It is not day work and requires time. Be patient throughout and enjoy the fantastic benefits accordingly. 
  2. Believe in what you eat and what you avoid. It will be beneficial for your body only in the longer run. 
  3. Understand and listen to your body. Do not overdo workouts or diets just for the sake of doing it. Chill and let it all flow! 
  4. It is all made to provide peace to your body. Let it do the work and maintain harmony. Don’t ever take it as pressure. 
  5. Eat in a good proportion while maintaining time stamps.



It is always worth buying something that benefits your health and body. So yes, buying satvic products and avoiding those toxic edible items is very important. You will see the results and the improvement yourself after following such good things for your mind and body. 



Question 1:  What is intermittent fasting? 

Answer: If is the best form of dieting in which you eat healthy foods in a window of 8 hours while fasting for the rest 16 hours of the day. 

Question 2:  How much water should we drink in a day? 

Answer:  It is advisable to consume around 3 liters or at least 7-8 glasses of water daily. 

Question 3: How much workout should be considered while having a Satvic diet? 

Answer: It is essential to at least give 20 minutes of movement daily to the body and 4-5 days a week.


We saw what the ‘Satvic movement’ brings to the table. To conclude, all that you need to know is this is one of the best steps that you can take if you wish to create a better lifestyle for yourself. Start following it today to avail the best benefits your body needs.

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