Snackible Review: Healthy yet Quick Evening Snacks to Lose Weight

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Are you a snacks lover

You know a good snack is just like a mini-break for your mind that manages hunger and keeps you satisfied between your working hours. 

If you go by experts, there are many reasons why you should take snacks in your diet. Some of the biggest reasons we’ve heard about snacks are that they have increased nutritional value compared to other diets, full of healthy fats, proteins, and fibres that maintain energy levels in the body and help to lose weight. 

While research on whether snacking aids weight loss is mixed, some evidence suggests that increasing your meal frequency through snacking may help manage hunger and improve blood sugar regulation (1Trusted Source, 2Trusted Source).

Additionally, snacking can help you increase your intake of nutrient-rich foods like fruits and vegetables — and most people are not eating enough produce (3Trusted Source).

Aim for snacks that include protein, fibre, and healthy fats, which help keep you full throughout the day and make healthy choices at your next meal (4Trusted Source, 5Trusted Source).

By planning ahead and focusing on nutrient-rich foods, snacks may support your weight management goals by managing hunger and keeping you satisfied between meals (6Trusted Source).

There are endless choices from which you can choose the best snacks while dieting and keep yourself healthy. 

Let me share mine; when I got tired of the office grind working 9 to 5, it’s the snack that gives me instant power to resume my work. 

As a part of an Indian family, I am so fond of eating and no one snack will lead us to weight loss, Here I am sharing the range of snackible products then can make you healthy and may also help promote weight loss as part of an overall healthy eating pattern

And in this article, I will talk about some healthy Indian snacks for the evening that are available on Snackible, and you can easily add them to your daily diet for weight loss.

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The first category that I am going to talk about is Makhana. Makhana is an excellent choice for your daily diet. It is a bland food that you can take anywhere anytime. But, it is so healthy that and that’s why it becomes a great choice of snacks that you can’t resist. It’s a low-calorie healthy snack for weight loss to join your diet plan.

Bombay Chaat Makhana

There are endless benefits of taking Makhana in your diet, like they are rich in nutrients, high in antioxidants, stabilizing blood sugar levels, supports weight loss. Also, rich anti-ageing properties may promote heart health.

There is a wide variety of Makhanas available:

  • Pudina Makhana
  • Makhana Combo Pack
  • Cheddar Cheese Makhana
  • Bombay Chat Makhana
  • Gluten-Free Box
  • Birthday Special- Gift Box
  • Immunity Boost Box
  • Exclusive Trail Box
  • Indian Snacks Box
  • The Diet Box

Energy Bars and Balls

Energy bars are known for supplying instant energy for various purposes in your daily routine. There are many types of energy bars available in the market. These are healthy snacks for weight loss

Moringa Energy Bar

There is a lot of reasons behind its huge demand and popularity. We can call it the perfect snack for weight loss.

Benefits of taking energy bars:

  • High nutritional value
  • Support pre and post-workout 
  • Known for continuous energy supply 
  • Available as mid meals 
  • Can replace an ideal meal

There is a variety of energy bars:

  • The breakfast box
  • Resolution Box-2022


In my search for the best snacks while dieting, I have found cookies are the perfect snacks for weight loss. People eat cookies because they provide instant body energy and prevent fat accumulation. It can replace regular meals and other unhealthy snacks.

Cookies Combo Pack (Large)

Some great choices of cookies that are available at Snackible :

  • Assorted cookies gift box
  • Almond cookies
  • Coffee cookies
  • Gingersnap cookies 
  • Wheat and jaggery cookies 
  • Best selling snacks and assorted cookies box combo

Keto Friendly

Keto is known for its nutritional value snack foods for weight loss. A Keto diet prioritizes fats and proteins or carbohydrates. It may help you reduce your body weight and helps you stay away from acne, and reduce the risk of cancer.

Peri Peri Pumpkin Seeds


Benefits of Keto Diet:

  • A low carbohydrates diet of Keto reduces your appetite to eat less and can easily stay on dieting. 
  • Loses weight quicker and faster.
  • Reduces abdominal cavity.
  • No risk of Triglycerides as it drops immediately.
  • Increases HDL in your cholesterol.

List of snacks available in Keto on Snackible:

  • Keto Nachos
  • Keto Choco Fudge Cookies


Having chips can be fun for many people with no age bar. When the chips are healthy, it’s a great combination of taste and nutrition.

Spicy Okra Chips

There are the following reasons why people take chips in the Indian healthy snacks:

  • Chips are known to be rich in vitamins.
  • It can fuel you for the day with a sufficient quantity of calories and fat so that you stay energized throughout the day.
  • generally, chips are known to be a 0% fat diet
  • It may be the cheapest food available around you.

There is a variety of chips available on Snackible for you:

  • Chiku chips
  • Jackfruit chips
  • Spicy taro chips
  • Jalapeno Ragi Chips
  • Purple Yam Chips
  • Spicy Okra Chips

Chip and Dip

Chip and dip is yet another sensation in the Indian Healthy Snacks. There are various reasons why people choose the chip and dip Indian diet.

Baked Pizza Sticks with Harissa Dip

Benefits of Chip and Dip

  • They are very rich in fibre protein antioxidants Omega 3 vitamin A and Vitamin C
  • Chip and dip have high nutritional value that is the perfect replacement for your food in a diet food category

Available Snacks on Snackible:

  • The best-seller box – perfect for first-timers
  • Best selling snacks – gift box
  • Everything box
  • Exclusive trail box

Nut Butters

Nut butter can be an excellent choice for your diet plan. It is also one of the healthy snacks to eat to lose weight. You can use nut butter as a healthy option for breakfast. It is full of natural healthy fats which are good for a healthy heart.

Creamy Peanut Butter

The benefits of consuming nut butter are as follows:

  • High in protein, fibre, and good fats
  • It helps you control weight
  • Rich antioxidants available
  • Rich in Magnesium and Vitamin B7

Available Nut Butter on Snackible:

  • Assorted nut butter – gift box
  • Peanut butter nan khatai
  • Keto Choco Fudge Cookies
  • Everything box

Nuts, Seeds, and Berries

Nuts, Seeds, and Berries are the best snacks while dieting because of their high nutritional value and help lower bad cholesterol. And especially Berries are rich in antioxidants and reduce the risk of certain diseases. 

Nutty Trail Mix

There are many benefits of Nuts, Seeds, and Berries:

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Controls blood sugar
  • High in fibre
  • Cancer deterrent
  • Fights against inflammation
  • Controls cholesterol level
  • Good for skin

Available Packs on Snackible:

  • Berry lime zest nankhatai
  • Nutty trail mix


Here I am going to talk about eating the gift items. All the products discussed above are also available in the gift packing option as you may want to gift your loved ones healthy items rich in nutrients and fibres. 

Assorted Cookies - Gift Box

So, make your loved ones happy by giving them the attractive box of the powerhouse of nutrients. 

The gift options available on Snackible are:

  • Assorted cookies 
  • Birthday special
  • Best selling snacks 
  • Anniversary special 
  • Assorted Nut Butters 
  • Curate your box 

The Healthy Hang

All the snacks that I’ve taken in this piece of information are the best Indian healthy snacks. Each item is stuffed with nutrients and is very tasty. These snacks for weight loss makes a great combination of taste and nutrition so that people must not stay away from dieting and do not gain excessive weight.

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