Mother’s day gift ideas 2023: Give her the gift of Happiness

Mother's day gift ideas 2022: Give her the gift of Happiness -he Brand Reality

There are no words to describe how amazing mothers are. No matter what your needs are, they will be there when you need them whether they are tending to a small wound or a giant heartache, keeping a household afloat by juggling a thousand things, or simply loving you unconditionally. With Mother’s Day upon us, it is the right time to express our gratitude to our mothers as well as the mothers in our lives with thoughtful Mother’s Day presents.

But when is Mother’s Day? This year’s celebration falls on Sunday, May 8, and we have gathered 17 gift ideas that you may find useful. In this enormous list, you will find creative, practical, and exciting gifts for mom, including great last-minute gifts and Amazon Mother’s Day gifts in case you are running late.

Personalized Cup 

Personalized coffee mugs make excellent mother’s day gifts for coffee lovers. The coffee mugs you choose can either be regular or travel mugs. A coffee mug or travel mug makes a thoughtful gift because you can include a photo as well as a special message. 

Mother's day gift ideas 2022: Give her the gift of Happiness -he Brand Reality

If your mom drinks coffee and loves coffee mugs, then she will adore one that was designed especially for her. Embrace mother’s day with a message and a photo she’ll love.

Kindle Book

For moms who are avid readers, the Kindle Paperwhite is a gift that’ll be appreciated. Most of us know how little time our mothers have for them, so why give them something that will interest them? Without a second thought, get her this gift and see her smiling. Since it is waterproof, mom can read her favorite stories in the pool while she relaxes. With a battery life of weeks and an easily adjustable font size, she can comfortably read for hours at a time.

Jewelry Box

There is no doubt that women love Jewelry, but due to the abundance of Jewelry pieces in their collections, many of them find it challenging to keep all the Jewelry in one place so when they wish to wear them, they won’t have to look for it. Your mother may also be facing a similar situation. If that is the case, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to give her a Jewelry box where she can store all her Jewelry, and this is one of the most useful gifts she can receive on this special occasion, and she will appreciate it.

Greeting Card

Another mothers day gift idea can be a greeting card. Many people may think greeting card is too old-fashioned and have now gone out of style. But that’s not true! Even after being too old-fashioned, this is among the trendy Mother’s Day gift ideas and the most special way to show your love and gratitude towards your mother. It is not always about gifting expensive items, sometimes it’s about keeping it simple and watching your mother feel special reading the card, not the card instead, experiencing your feelings in the form of words in the special greeting card.

Mother's day gift ideas 2022: Give her the gift of Happiness -he Brand Reality



There is no way to buy a Mother’s Day gift that could come close to matching the love, support, encouragement, and wisdom your mom has shown you over the years. As a token of your appreciation for Mother’s Day 2022, you can give your mother a gift she would not typically purchase for herself, like luxury perfumes.


It’s no secret that fragrances make great Mother’s Day gifts — or any gift. Stylish, fancy, and long-lasting, these things will last you a long time.

Neck Massager

The soothing touch of a neck massage will help your mom relax after a long, exhausting day. The best time to give her a neck massager is on Mother’s Day, which will also ease muscle pain, reduce stiffness in the neck, and eliminate cervical fatigue from a long workday.



Air Fryer 

This air fryer is the ideal gift for your health-conscious mom, who also enjoys food. This is the most useful mother’s day gift idea that will make her kitchen chores much easier. It will be easy for her to air fry dishes to a crisp. Quick and easy meals can be made with her air fryer, including pizza, chicken, french fries, vegetables, and frozen foods. In addition, she can reheat leftovers to make them crisp again.



Makeup Kit Storage

There are just a few weeks before Mother’s Day, so hopefully, many of you are still looking for gift ideas for your mothers. What better gift for a makeup-obsessed mother than a makeup kit? This can be the most useful gift you can give to your mother since it will help her organize all of her cosmetics.



Are you wondering what can be the perfect mother’s day gift this year? Well, watches can be the perfect choice to make. This gift idea does multitasking, as it not only allows you to keep a note of time but also adds value to your party outfit. 

Mother's day gift ideas 2022: Give her the gift of Happiness -he Brand Reality


CTM Kit (Cleansing, Toning & Moisturizing) – 

Moms always work for their families to look and feel better but she may have compromised with her beauty. An Ubtan Face Wash might be one of the best gifts for her this Mother’s Day. Enriched with saffron and turmeric, this face wash work on lightning, softening, smoothening, and removing tan. No hard chemicals make it more natural than others. Its organic process will ensure a better quality product ever.

Mother's day gift ideas 2022: Give her the gift of Happiness -he Brand Reality


Organic lipstick

Just Herbs’ Ayurvedic Creamy Matte Lipstick Set of 16 gives your mom a good-looking face even after serving your family all day. Each shade of matte lipstick gives a nourishing look to her face which is keeping many responsibilities from you all. The Ayurvedic touch of these lipsticks is a natural product for her. She will love these 16 shades of lipsticks.


Customized pillow

A Customized pillow is a great idea for your mom to remember how hardworking she is. It’s a truth that moms are unsung heroes because their work is often underestimated. You can gift her a customized pillow with a picture of her to remind her of how valuable she has been to your family and what the family would have been without her presence even for a single day.

Mother's day gift ideas 2022: Give her the gift of Happiness -he Brand Reality



In India, people touch mom’s feet as an honor. Although nothing can replace that, you can take care of her feet by buying her a pedicure machine that thoroughly takes care of her feet. This pedicure machine comes with automatic rollers, a digital panel, a bubble bath, and much more. This machine will give her the relief that she has been waiting for all her life. This is going to be a lifetime product for her.



Instant photograph

With the instant camera, let her capture all her memories that she doesn’t want to forget ever. She will cherish all these sweet memories. Comes in a flamingo pink color, and this will suit her image. This is easy to use, so it will always be handy to be available to take quick pictures. With the selfie mirror, she will start loving herself.


Card Keeper

A Card Keeper is a great gift for the queen of your palace giving all the financial resources in her hand as she is the finance head of the family. Give her a card keeper where she can securely keep all the money power. Its multiple card holding feature makes it secure all her cards and she will feel secure too. It has a good quality chain that even looks good on the card keeper.


Your mom has been the only one who always listens to whatever your demands are, it might sound hilarious that only Alexa will always be there to listen to what your mom says. Let her feel like a queen and order whatever she wants, Alexa will always respond to what her demands are. Alexa needs no introduction as the world knows about it. It’s the no. 1 speaker in India. It can control all smart appliances in your home the way a queen controls her kingdom.



Rice Cooker

Give her this Prestige PRWO 1.8-2 1L electric rice cooker that makes cooking rice for her easier than ever. Its elegant design will fascinate her. Cooking rice has been a time taking task for anyone. This will make the job full of fun. Comes in the capacity of 1.8 L which is enough for a mid-sized family.



Mother’s Day 2022 is fast approaching, so prepare your gift ahead of time. Especially if she is a working mother, your mother deserves to be told how much she is loved and appreciated. The majority of working mothers feel guilty about spending too little time with their families. Let her know that she is the best this Mother’s Day with these thoughtful, useful, and unique gifts.

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