CoSchedule Reviews in 2022: Let’s get scheduled with CoSchedule..!!

CoSchedule Reviews in 2022: Let’s get scheduled with CoSchedule..!! - The Brand Reality

In today’s digital world, where competition is fierce, you must enhance your digital marketing if you want to reach a broad audience with your brand.

You’ve probably heard many of your folks say this, and it’s true to a significant extent.

However, there is a distinction between making digital marketing strong and making digital marketing effective.

To make digital marketing effective, effective management, content management, social interaction management, analytics management, coordination, scheduling, and workflow structure are all required.

And CoSchedule fulfills all of these conditions. It is one of the best social media management tools and works management software for marketers. 

In this blog, I will provide you with a Deep CoSchedule Review. So, if you’re considering getting your hands on this social media management tool, you’ll find out how it works. 

Let’s dive high in..!!

What is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is an all-in-one platform for Content management, Post scheduling, Social media planning, and workflow management. 

The one thing that I like the most about CoSchedule is its marketing and editorial calendar application, it includes everything that a marketer needs viz. marketing statistics, Google Calendar, social network integration, and a lot more.

So, if you need to execute advanced-level marketing and want to get good results, CoSchedule is the way to go. It automates the deep management and scheduling of your content marketing efforts. 

CoSchedule can align or make your social media items, blog content, and other digital assets sequentially. With this, you can organize, access, and share everything your content team makes in a blink of an eye. Whether they are pictures, articles, graphics, videos, and files, everything will be managed in a queue. 

How Does CoSchedule Work?

CoSchedule is cloud-based content management as a service solution. It is the best social media management tool for agencies, corporations, blogs, and digital marketing individuals. From content marketing, content planning, and content production, to posting, social media campaigns, and promotions, CoSchedule works hand in hand to produce good results. 

It comes with Social Media and WordPress plugins that allow you to connect with your calendar, and distribute your content accordingly. So overall it is a one-stop solution to smoothly manage your social, email, and other content campaigns. 

CoSchedule Features

CoSchedule comes in two packages:

  • Marketing Calendar: It is best for social media postings, blog planning, and project initiatives.
  • Marketing Suite: It comes with some useful project management functions.

Here I will let you know the features of both packages.

Workforce Management

Workforce Management is a part of the Marketing Suite. To manage a project effectively, tools are combined in a single solution called “Work Organizer”. It is one of the most valuable additions to your business administration toolkit. 

Work Organizer smoothens the project management flow by providing interactive Dashboards, Overviews, and tables, which increase openness inside your business. It not only streamlines the workflow but also helps you to establish the deadlines for your staff, besides checking their progress. 

So, in this way, you can manage your workforce effectively by reallocating the resources and reassigning the tasks if needed. 

Editorial Calendar

This is one of the most important and most valuable features of CoSchedule. If you are a digital marketer and going to launch a content campaign, then Editorial Calendar allows you to see all scheduled actions over a specific time. 

With Editorial Calendar you can effectively manage your tasks while keeping your focus on the relevant variables. Here you will get the content publication date, campaign/project completion rate, goals and assignees. 

Start your free trial of CoSchedule's Marketing Calendar software today.

CoSchedule also provides you with a timesheet where you can check the employees’ progress, and you will get a clear idea about the level of work completed or we can say you will get to know about the productivity of your employees. 

Content Marketing Strategy Planner

Content Marketing Strategy Planner is one of the Agile-type marketing tools offered by CoSchedule. With this tool, you will get a clear picture of your content planning. 

You will get to know about the complete process of content marketing, i.e from concept development and content planning to content promotion. 

If you are having trouble finding new content ideas, then CoSchedule inbuilt editors help you out with fresh content ideas. Then with calendar views, you can plan and schedule marketing campaigns.

And on the other hand, project templates help you out in creating effective posts and distributing your piece of information across numerous social media channels. 

Everyone likes CoSchedule’s simplicity; every time you read a CoSchedule review, you’ll notice people talking about its simplicity.

Calendar View in CoSchedule Marketing Suite

Asset Organizer

CoSchedule simplifies your documentation work with the help of an Asset organizer. It is simply a storage area for your key material. You can organize your pieces of content like documentation and files in your asset library. 

It allows you to save, index, and distribute your important documents in seconds. To make your work more specified you can create file catalogs and customize the content categories.

CoSchedule Automation

Automation is the need of the hour. It reduces the time by cutting the repetitive tasks and tedious procedures. And CoSchedule is specialized in Automation. It cuts down your time spent on task management and sets up coordination between different tasks.

With CoSchedule, you can quickly import your files from your PC into the software and assign them to certain activities. You can compose your Blogs, Articles, and Social Media posts directly in the CoSchedule desktop app. 

With this, CoSchedule boosts the productivity of the marketers and hence overall progress will be improved. 

Headline Analyzer

If you are a content writer or into content marketing, you may be well aware of the importance of headlines. This unique feature of CoSchedule makes every content marketer proud of the tool. 

Headline Studio + WordPress = Write Better Headlines

The headline studio in CoSchedule provides the best tips to create attractive, informative, and engaging headlines faster. It rates the content in your headline so that you can make it effective, impactful, and SEO friendly. With CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer advice you can improve your content and increase your traffic. 

Email Subject Line Tester

Again an excellent advantage for content marketers. CoSchedule’s Email Subject Line Tester helps you to write an engaging yet compelling subject line that attracts your potential clients and improves your email open rate. 

With this, you can increase your conversion rates that in turn improve your ROI.

CoSchedule Integrations

As we have seen, CoSchedule is mostly helpful with content generation, email marketing, and project management. Together with that it can also be integrated with Zapier and provides access to hundreds of different solutions and native integrations. 

And if you just have started your blogging journey then the CoSchedule connection with WordPress provides a competitive edge to you. It will save your time and effort by allowing you to manage and upload your content quickly. 

Besides, if you are a social media marketer, you can distribute your content across different platforms. It assists you in launching your new campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, or Reddit. 

CoSchedule Pricing

Marketing Calendar


  • Personal Project & Task Management
  • Unlimited Marketing Projects and content
  • Marketing & Project Management Integrations
  • Social Media Publishing
  • Self-Serve Knowledge Base
  • Basic Support



Marketing Calendar Pro


  • Real-Time Marketing Calendar
  • Unlimited Read-Only Observer Calendar Views
  • Simultaneous Team Member Access & Collaboration
  • Customizable Task Workflow Templates
  • Unlimited Social Media Publishing     
  • Bulk Social Media Scheduling
  • Social Media Automation & Campaign Templates
  • Priority Support


$29 per user/month, Billed Annually

Marketing Suite for Business


  • Calendar Team Filtering
  • Marketing Request Management
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns
  • Single Sign-On & Security
  • Custom User Access & Permissions
  • Automatic Marketing Campaigns
  • Custom Project Templates
  • Workflow Automation & Bottleneck Mitigation
  • Asset & File Management Storage
  • File-Sharing Enablement
  • Detailed Project, Work, & Team Analytics
  • Team Performance Reporting
  • Advanced Premium Integrations
  • 1:1 Customer Success Management


Depending on the Business

CoSchedule Pricing - The Brand Reality

Final Thoughts

So, here is the perfect marketing assistant for you. It meets all of your marketing needs, whether it’s content marketing, social media marketing, social media engagement, or post scheduler

CoSchedule offers the entire package so that you may not only make your brand marketing strong but also powerful

The more powerful the brand’s digital marketing, the more conversions will happen.

That’s all for this CoSchedule Review blog. If you have any queries about this review, please leave them in the comments, and I’ll try my best to answer them.

Good Luck..!!

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