Get Response Complete Review: Features, Benefits & New Pricing

Get Response Ecommerce Marketing Feature, Benefits & New Pricing -The Brand Reality

As the online market is expanding, every business is implementing new strategies to reach customers for its services and products online. And to penetrate the online market more effectively, nothing can beat Digital Marketing. But to make digital marketing fruitful for your business and attract more conversions, you must use some of the best tools. And GetResponse is the tool that will meet your expectations in the long run. 

Those new to the market might be wondering about what GetResponse is, its benefits, the benefits of GetResponse and how GetResponse will help their business grow. 

No worries, In this blog, I’ll give you the complete GetResponse Review, GetResponse Pricing, GetResponse Email Marketing, etc.

So, without making further ado, let’s get started..!!

What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is an all-inclusive marketing platform that includes advanced automation, a CRM, landing pages, and email marketing which is highly recommended for every business. 

If you have just started your business and are looking forward to the appropriate tool, then GetResponse is perfect. Their entry-level package is reasonable, including a free account with unlimited email, autoresponders, and a landing page/website creator for life.

You can call GetResponse a lead magnet for your business. This mailing software application was created exclusively for inbound marketing. You can collect several leads with the help of its landing page editor’s customizable forms, Google Analytics connection, and sophisticated segmentation automation. It allows its customers to host both recorded and live webinars. Besides, it ensures the smooth conversion funnel function that assists you in identifying the location of your leads so that you can convert them well. 

If you are an E-Commerce store owner, then GetResponse proved to be a leading tool for your store because of its features that increase your sales. With GetResponse, you can create campaigns to recover abandoned shopping Carts, dynamic email content, and sales tracking. 

You can also create an e-commerce website and start creating sales funnels with landing pages, social media campaigns, etc., with GetResponse.

GetResponse E-Commerce Features

Intelligent segmentation

GetResponse lets you track Customer purchase history, website behavior, and other data to develop segments and target marketing campaigns that convert effectively.

Product suggestions

GetResponse comes up with the most sophisticated data-driven platform that predicts customers’ requirements and preferences based on previous purchases and activity. With that data, you can make your campaigns more personalized and customized. 

Simple interface

No coding experience is required; you can fill in the customer and product details in GetResponse.

Coupon Codes

Using GetResponse’s synchronization tool, you can drag and drop discount codes from E-Commerce platforms into your newsletters, autoresponders, or automated communications and enhance conversions.

Automation Template

It is simple to apply behavioral targeting, welcome new contacts, propose products, and recoup lost revenue with preconfigured templates and playbooks.


To increase the revenue, GetResponse helps you Integrate SMS, email, and web push alerts to create multichannel consumer engagement programmes.


Popups are intended to catch the attention of website visitors and boost site conversion rates. The drag-and-drop designer in GetResponse can be used to create popups. Additionally, you can be pretty particular about how you want them to act.

GetResponse Benefits

Enhance performance and efficacy

GetResponse aids you with its marketing automation features. As per the sources, Marketing automation may, on average, increase productivity by 20%. Besides, Marketing automation lets you save money in hiring and shift your focus on other marketing-related tasks with your marketing team. Your advertisements can be automatically published, handling other activities, and free you to do other tasks.

Boost Customer Experience

Today’s consumers desire a personalized buying experience and a sense of control. And to grab the customers, every business goes with self-promotion. But Self-promotion done in an overtly offensive manner can detract from your brand. Instead, it is best to foresee the demands of your target audience and customize your marketing efforts. It includes addressing the customers’ queries, questions, and doubts about your products and services. It is like hitting the nail on the head; if you address the customers’ problems, they won’t hesitate to purchase from you. 

So if you create convincing, educational, and unique content, nobody can stop you from profoundly penetrating the market. And this work can effectively be done by marketing automation. The ability of marketing automation software to produce more individualized messaging is thought to be its most significant advantage by marketers.

Utilize straightforward strategies and methods to communicate with customers through emails, landing pages, and contact forms. All of these are possible with the help of GetResponse. 

Customer Service in Multiple Languages

Every business needs support; it’s a need. Nevertheless, offering customer service in several languages might be difficult.

You can reach more clients with GetResponse’s automatic E-Commerce marketing automation. Your communications are automatically transliterated into several languages. Now you need not worry about language obstacles and concentrate on your consumers.

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse Free Plan

Free Website Builder

  • Create and host your single website with 5GB of bandwidth.
  • SSL certificate.
  • Select a free or choose your domain.

Free Lead Generation Software

  • Create and host one landing page.
  • To generate new leads, use signup and contact forms.
  • Get capacity for up to 500 contacts.

Free Email Marketing Tools

  • Unlimited email distribution to your contacts
  • Create emails using a drag-and-drop builder.
  • Browse an extensive collection of email templates.


GetResponse Paid Plans

Email Marketing Plan for 1000 Contacts – $15.58/mo

  • All features of Free Plan, Plus
  • Autoresponders
  • APIs and integrations
  • Countless Website Builder
  • Enjoy a larger bandwidth for your website while receiving all sophisticated features inside the website builder
  • simple segmentation
  • countless landing pages
  • segmentation using your account’s saved contact information
  • Emails scheduling 


Marketing Automation Plan for 1000 Contacts – $48.38/mo

  • All features of the Email Marketing Plan, Plus
  • Marketing automation
  • Event-based automation
  • Webinars
  • Advanced segmentation
  • Contact scoring
  • Sales funnels


E-Commerce Marketing Plan for 1000 Contacts – $97.58/mo

  • All features of the Marketing Automation Plan, Plus
  • Segmenting e-commerce
  • Recovery of an abandoned cart
  • coupon codes
  • product suggestions
  • Push notifications on the web
  • Quick Transactional Emails, automatic emails for cart abandonment and order confirmations. Accessible through the integration of GetResponse with Magento, PrestaShop, or Shopify.


Final Thoughts

That’s all..!!

GetResponse is an excellent package for your marketing needs. It has effectively expanded beyond its original role as an email marketing platform. If you want to fix your stability in the E-Commerce market, go with it. It has established itself as a significant rival in the E-Commerce market due to its eye-grabbing capabilities like a website landing page, webinar, and paid advertisement makers. Besides, It enables you to develop advertising content for your subsequent campaigns on social media platforms.

Shot a GetResponse Login today.

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