Complete Guide to Born on Instagram | How to Become Certified Instagram Creator?

Complete Guide to Born on Instagram | How to Become Certified Instagram Creator? - The Brand Reality

We live in a world full of young minds and people with great skills and creative minds. The population around us is already very advanced and knows how to bring them on top. With such creativity and greatness, social media is one of those careers that a lot of creators choose to showcase their talent and connect with the diverse society we are living in on a personal level. We no longer use social media to talk to old friends, but we make more friends by giving them the content they want to see. Social media is that power, that key that you could use to connect with others and to help others by influencing or by entertaining them. 

Now, you are allowed to create any kind of content on it. Be it fashion, lifestyle, comedy, education, music, dance, makeup, etc. You name it, and you have it. You could make your content around anything you like to do without raising a question.

Now the very basic yet vital question that should strike your brain is, you know what content to make, but where to put it? The answer is pretty basic; we have a number of different social media apps. One of which is very famous, used by millions already, is Instagram.

Here in this article, we have compiled a complete guide for you on how to become a certified Instagram creator/ influencer with the help of Born On Instagram. We will let you know what it is all about and how you can become one of the popular content creators on Instagram in this article. Read the article further for better in-depth information.

How does Instagram work? 

Instagram is a social media app, been used by billions of users and is a great platform to start your journey as a content creator. 

A platform that already has a reach of billions of users can actually help you gain followers and help you increase your views, and eventually, you will get better while working with it. 

But it is just a platform where you can create what you want, but not to forget, content is the king. Instagram could only provide you with a space to work in, but it is just you and your content that will help you with your goal.

Now that we have an idea of how the algorithm works, let us look at the main part of the article, which is how you can become one of the influencers on Instagram. So let’s know that in detail further.

How to Become a Certified Instagram Creator/Influencer? 

Every fifth person now is making money through using Instagram. Wondering how it is possible? It is possible for the top-notch content you put on Instagram for your audience. By being a popular content creator, you can make a good income. 

Now the thing is how to become one. This journey starts with focusing on the six major points, that is, timing, content, reels, consistency, right influencing, and time management with complete efforts. 

To learn all of these things in the most effective manner you can opt for the free course that is specially made for content creators from Instagram – “Born On Instagram”.

What is “Born on Instagram”? 

You can know all the techniques required for becoming a content creator on Instagram. 

‘Born on Instagram’ is a primary creative center that promises to provide content producers with a thorough grasp of Instagram while also guiding users on how to develop a successful digital following and presence.

This is open to all Instagram content creators and influencers. It is completely free to use. This course duration is two hours. Learn how to create a personal digital presence on the platform, use accessible tools, and adhere to community standards. 


You will get to know all the techniques and skills you require for managing timing, content quality, efforts, and all social presence relevant things. 

The “Born on Instagram” is a two-level program. This is a selection-based initiative aiming at identifying and exposing talented innovators from around India. BOI Advanced is only available to individuals who have finished the Creator course.

Therefore, first, you need to enroll yourself in a creator course and after completing this, you can pursue the advanced level course. 

What is the Structure of “Born on Instagram”? 

The complete two-hour course is divided into the following sub-categories. 

PART – I: Manage Your Presence

  1. 1.1: Instagram overview 
  2. 1.2: Stand out on Instagram 
  3. 1.3: Stay safe 
  4. 1.4: Community Guidelines 

PART – II: Create

  1. 2.1: Feel It Reel It
  2. 2.2: Go Deeper with Instagram Video
  3. 2.3: Connect with Stories
  4. 2.4: Engage with Live
  5. 2.5: Common Questions and Myths

PART – III: Grow

  1. 3.1: Get an Edge with Creator Tools
  2. 3.2: Growing on InstagramCompleted
  3. 3.2: Growing on Instagram
  4. 3.3: Mastering AudioCompleted
  5. 3.3: Mastering Audio

PART – IV: Earn Money

  1. 4.1: Branded Content on Instagram


How to Register for the “Born on Instagram” Course? 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to register yourself for the course: 

Step 1: Check the BOI official website and look for the course details. 

Step 2: The link for the same is 

Step 3: Now fill out all the details and register yourself. 

Following these steps, you are successfully registered for the BOI course.

BOI Journey(Log In)

Understanding what you can give to the audience and what their expectations are from you is the hard part. With the BOI course, all of the techniques will be taught to you step by step. 

Finally – The Certificate


If you want to become a creator on Instagram, get yourself registered for the “Born on Instagram” course now. It is definitely worth investing in because you will get to know about how to use the Instagram features and how to get yourself on top-rank step by step. 

Know more about the same by visiting the “Born on Instagram” website.

Still, do you have any doubts in your mind?

Reach out to me at for any guidance.

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