Beyond Body Review 2022: How Good is This Personalized Wellness Book?

Beyond Body Review 2022 How Good is This Personalized Wellness Book - The Brand Reality

Have you ever thought that a simple book can turn your weight down? Ever wondered if a book can make you achieve your dream figure? Yes. You can fit in your old jeans without sucking your belly in! You can click selfies from all angles because there will be no double chin to hide. You make this happen without making a hole in your pocket.

Let’s see how. ( Beyond Body Review )

What Is Beyond Body?

It is actually a personalized book that has all plans including diet, sleep, and workout. It not only tracks your weight and helps you to manage it but also works on a mental level so that you can feel happy and stress-free. It is the core of a healthy lifestyle. While you might have already wasted a lot of time and money on purchasing weight loss plans, pills, and hiring dieticians, you don’t need to do that anymore. Some plans might have helped you to lose a few inches but we all know that they are a non-sustainable and temporary solution for weight loss.

Beyond Body believes that everybody is different and their body has different requirements so why should they work on the same diet plan for weight? While other plans claim to give you a supermodel-like figure, Beyond Body focuses on improving your health from within and overall well-being. If you are on a diet and feeling stressed then this is not the aim of the book. 

We understand you’re excited to know more about the company but before that let’s throw some light on its history. The company is said to lay its foundation in July 2020 by a Lithuanian company. Lina Jaisate is the CEO of Beyond Body.

There are a lot of online programs that claim to be the most effective weight loss plan. But the USP of Beyond Body is that it releases a finely-tuned and tailored book for every customer at an affordable price. That being said, the book your friend has received does not have the same content as yours. Since your body is getting specifically what it requires, you are most likely to get the results.


Meal Plan

Beyond Body asks you some questions and then creates a specific meal plan for your body to provide a balanced diet throughout the day. There are alternatives for your meals that you can customize as per your choice. Its biggest bonus is that there are no hard-to-sound ingredients and most of them are which you frequently see in your kitchen.

The diet plan for weight loss also takes care of your allergies and intolerances. It covers the ingredients like eggs, peanuts, shellfish, lactose, wheat, gluten, soy, and others. 

Workout Plan

In the first phase, the company throws you a few-minute questionnaire to get an idea of your fitness level, preferences, and choices of your lifestyle. Then based on this information, it comes up with a tailored routine that includes warm-up cardio and strength training. It also provides a cool-down workout to end your session. If you are a beginner then you will get basic exercises while if you are a hardcore gym-goer, then HIIT workouts are waiting for you to play. All of these work constantly for 28 days and when this period is over you are already habitual to this new and healthy lifestyle.

Book + App

Some customers have said that the book is great but they want something more like reminders and customization. Indeed, only an app could cover this gap. Hence, they launched the Beyond Body app which is easily available on the app store and is compatible with all devices. There are two types of books, one is a physical book while the other one is an ebook. Both have customized weight loss plans. You can receive the ebook in 24 hours while the physical book reaches your door in 14 days so it depends on your patience level which one you want to receive. Customers who have used both these products including books and the app have achieved their results 33% faster than those who relied solely on books.

Pros & Cons


  • It offers both a hardcover book and an eBook. You’re free to choose any one or both of them. 
  • The book is not restricted to a few countries but it is shipped globally. 
  • Beyond Body app also consists of an assistant app for quick help that the book can’t do
  • It is not gender-specific but is suitable for both men and women
  • Although it offers too many advanced features, the prices are highly affordable as compared to its rivals.
  • None of its plans offer drastic changes which are white becomes sustainable for your lifestyle
  • Other than the body, the program also focuses on mindset which is why you enjoy long-term success


  • Unlike other programs, you cannot expect video instructions but only rely on pictures to lose weight.
  • You can feel your success but cannot track it manually going to the e-book mode. However, you can track your progress through the app but then you have to pay some fee.
  • It does not offer any grocery list.

To Sum Up

The beyond Body product is not very old but it has reached many customers worldwide and gained a lot of positive reviews. Therefore it has become one of the popular names in weight loss plans

Not to forget, if you are not satisfied with the customized plan you can also hire a nutritionist to help you more with your goals. Their rates are too less as compared to what you have to pay to a practiced nutritionist out of the Beyond Body company.

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