Teachable Complete Review 2022: Here’s Everything For You

Teachable Overview

Teachable is an online platform where you can create and sell courses online and create memberships for your loyal users. There are many features of this platform, and some of them are advanced course compliance, certification, one-click upsells, and marketing techniques like email marketing, blog marketing, etc.

This article aims to help you make a better decision whether you should go for it or not, which will be backed by its benefits.

Teachable at a Glance

Category: Online course platform

Subscription Fee: $29/ month

Features: Course completion certificate

                     Affiliate Program

                     Customizable sales pages

                     Countless Marketing Integrations

Peers: Podia, Thinkific, Kajabi

Although there are other platforms like Udemy and Upgrad that support the same features where you can create and sell courses, you do not get complete control and freedom on your course as far as content and pricing are concerned.

Unlike other platforms, teachable focuses more on the creator itself and gives more freedom of creating courses.

Is Teachable Worthwhile?

How good they are is a big question, and for that, we will deep dive into their reality.

Let’s understand more about Teachable and make your decision stronger.


  • Upselling is just one click away that can convert more sales for you on your profile.
  • There is no restriction on hosting a certain number of courses, unlike other platforms where you face restrictions.
  • They have an easy free plan, and on top of that, the transaction fee is just 10%.
  • Their course compliance features ensure that your students fully explore your course.
  • By embedding HTML/CSS, you can add any content to your Teachable website, which opens the world of opportunities.
  • You get amazing bandwidth of video hosting, and the sky is the limit, so, no need to spend on Vimeo or Wistia.
  • Anybody can use this platform since it is easy and needs no tech skills.


There are a few things that I didn’t like about Teachable.

  • They charge a 10% transaction fee in the free plan, and even if you opt for a basic paid plan, they still charge you a 5% transaction fee.
  • You have no drag and drop feature; however, you have to use their geeky features like CSS and Power Editor, which too are available in a professional plan.

Teachable Interface

This is the view that you get to see when you first log in here:

Teachable Dashboard - The Brand Reality
Teachable Dashboard – The Brand Reality

It’s a neat and clean dashboard where you get help in tutorials and videos. 

Course Creation

Course creation is very easy on Teachable, and you can follow the step-by-step guide to complete uploading your course.

Course Compliance

It is a unique feature of Teachable where you can ensure that your students go step-by-step and complete the course. 

These are the steps by which a student consumes most of the content.

  • Enforce lecture order

When you enable this option, the users have to consume most of the content in the course.

  • Enforce video watching

A student cannot skip a video and move to the next video with this feature. Without watching 90% of the video, moving to the next video is impossible.

  • Enforce graded quiz completion

Once the students complete the courses, they can enable a graded quiz so that students stay engaged.

Teachable Certification

Certification is an important part of any course and motivates users to work hard. Teachable has a unique certification system where they get several templates to design certificates. 

A student can get this certificate only after completion of the course. 

Teachable Certificate - The Brand Reality
Teachable Certificate – The Brand Reality

Teachable Pricing

Once you complete the content-related tasks, you need to decide the price of the course. Teachable pricing is competitive compared to others and the features that it offers.

Teachable Pricing - The Brand Reality

Teachable Pricing – The Brand Reality

There are fours types of pricing plans:

  1. Free
  2. Subscription (the courses will be according to memberships)
  3. One-time purchase
  4. Payment plan

If we talk about a payment plan, then there are two options;

One time fee: $397

3-month payment: $99 (monthly)

Teachable Sales and Analytics

In the sales and analytics section, you can view the breakdown of the total revenue. 

You can see the total revenue, statement, payment per student, etc. 

It is a good platform to analyze your overall sales pattern and decide where you need to focus on increasing the total sales.

Teachable Marketing Features

Sales are incomplete without the proper marketing, and getting it on the same platform is a win-win situation. Yes, Teachable helps you market your courses through these methods.

  • Email marketing
  • Blog marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • One-click upselling

Final Verdict

If we finally come back to our original idea for which we had started this blog, is that yes, Teachable is value for money and is a good buying decision. The support it gives is unbeatable and helps you grow your teaching business. There are many ways to market your courses, and you need not go outside for it. So, you get everything under one roof.


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