Zyro Review in 2022: Is it worth it or not?

Zyro Review in 2022 Is it worth it or not - The Brand Reality

Not using online platforms for your business is like leaving an expensive gem offered to you right on the table. And you can’t afford that! If you have a business where you sell your services or have some products with USPs, you can 4X your revenue with the right online presence.

If not you, Google lets your competitors lead with their websites and snatch all your potential customers in a swap! Sounds scary? Well, then why not try building a website for your business? Wait. Are we talking about investing hefty money? Nope. Some website builders have superpowers to skyrocket your business in a few months, charging just a fraction of the cost. While you might have already assumed the name, we will end this guessing game by revealing the ultimate one-stop solution– Zyro Website Builder.

What Is Zyro?

Back in 2013, hosting girl launched its offspring Zyro website builder which was in beta mode then. In 2019 it came out as a separate identity and slowly turned into a bigger platform. Fast forward to now, it has helped 100000+ websites and e-commerce stores to use this platform and create their website. 

If you are also one of those who dream to make their business a big success but don’t have much time and energy to invest in developing a website, Zyro is exactly of your kind. It lets you do everything from zero, but the journey from 0 to 100 is very smooth. 

Let’s see what features make it stand apart from its rivals.


A lot of features to talk about him, but we will see the most precious ones.


Zyro offers you more than a hundred templates that you can hunt in its library. You are an E-Commerce Store or service seller, and you can choose your category with just one click. Some of the popular categories are E-Commerce, photography, portfolio, services, events, and more. Whichever you choose is totally free and light weighted to get loaded quickly.

The best part is that Zyro also lets you see the design on a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet mode. You can also add calls to action buttons or buttons that will instantly lead your customers to a social media page. If you are not satisfied, you can make quick changes like adjusting the grid gaps and changing the interface color. Like you can expect from an advanced website builder, it lets you schedule posts.

Al Tools

Al is the future of the world, and Zyro knows it. That is why there are a lot of Al tools like image editor, logo developer, AL writer, and more. Whether you want to resize an image, create a logo for your business, get good ideas for your business name, or want an online ready-to-go writer for your website content, you can get all of these in one place. Something like a Swiss army knife, no?


If your customers cannot find you or access your website, they will return. Therefore, having the best of time is very important for any web hosting so that your site never goes down. Getting a reliable web host is another challenge for Website holders, so Zyro has offered itself as the best solution. It is equipped with a tool that keeps on monitoring your website. If it cannot get to your site within one minute, it will inform you via the website or email. 

Contact Support

While using the website, it’s rare to find a glitch or face big troubles because it is highly user-friendly. Still, if you have one, you can contact that support team by going into their website. Then click on the chatbox option. Your questions might be already present in its database, which you can check by typing the question in the search box. If your problem is still not solved, you can directly contact their human representatives, who are, of course, not bots.

Pricing Plans

There are three basic plans for Zyro. Earlier it launched the basic free version, but it’s not available now.

Zyro Pricing - The Brand Reality
Zyro Pricing

Base Tier Package

This package includes features like monthly data transfer and endless storage at just $9.49 per month. 

Business Package

This plan is great for online sellers who want basic website features. However, it allows you to take payments only via stripe and also deducts 1% as a commission fee for every payment received. It charges $11.49 per month. However, you can save more by taking a few months or a one-year package. 

Online Store Package

The online store charges $15.90 per month. Like the former one, it offers you unlimited storage of countless templates and lets you choose your own custom domain name. The domain you get remains free for the entire year, along with living chat and Google analytics benefits. 

Advanced Store Package

It is the most expensive plan starting from $25.90 per month, but the features you get make the price worthy. The payment options are not limited to strive accounts but add 70 more payment options for your customers. It has more than 2500 digital products that let you develop your website in your preferred language and sell your products on social media or Amazon. 

Although there is no free version, all of these plans come with a money-back guarantee, so you can expect a refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied.

Zyro Vs. Its Competitors

Just like its plans, Zyro’s features are also solid. When compared with its rivals like Wix and Gator, it does not offer any free tier to create your website. While Zyro covers all the essential features, some advanced features are lacking, like your visitors cannot comment on a blog post.

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