Everything to know about Elementor PRO 2022: Is it Worth Buying?

Everything to know about Elementor PRO 2022 - The Brand Reality

Creating exciting websites no longer requires understanding how or when to code. Non-coders may quickly develop whatever WordPress website they desire with page builders like Elementor.

In this guide, you’ll discover Elementor and how it might help you create a beautiful website.

What Is Elementor for WordPress?

Elementor is a drag-and-drop WordPress website builder that allows you to easily create beautiful sites.

Although WordPress’ default editor is decent for simple blog posts, it lacks features for designers and doesn’t let you preview your design until you click the zoom button.

Whether it is icons, forms, sliders, price tables, or anything else that requires a design element, Elementor offers an array of options and hundreds of pre-designed content widgets.

You can use Elementor  WordPress to create your complete best Elementor themes, comprising your header, footer, anything in between, and individual articles and pages.

How Does Elementor  Page Builder Work?

Elementor is a graphical WordPress website designer that substitutes the standard WordPress builder with a live upfront editor, allowing you to construct complicated layouts graphically and optimize your website in real-time without switching between the publisher and preview settings.

You can build attractive and practical ideas using Elementor without utilizing code or CSS without relying on developers. Your layouts are flexible by design, which means they’ll look fantastic on any device, including a computer, tablet, and mobile.

Easy to use and simple to set up, you’ll be up and running in no time. Save yourself time by choosing one of the thousands of professionally designed templates on the site and editing it with what was originally produced.

Elementor ‘s page builder’s nuts and bolts are the same whether you use Elementor  Free or Elementor  Pro. Pro provides more sophisticated functionality via premium widgets to assist you with advertising, commerce, branding, and connections.

How Much Does Elementor Cost?

With Elementor  Pro, you can enhance the free plugin with more sophisticated features and capabilities. The price for a single site currently starts at $49. More information about Elementor pro pricing is available here.

The entirely free plan

May use the free plan to try out some of Elementor ‘s fundamental features and the designer and builder.

As an option for a free trial, this package includes a rudimentary form of the drag-and-drop editor, 30+ basic widgets, and 30+ basic templates. This subscription includes five site Elementor templates and a basic edition of Theme Builder.


The $49/year Essential plan is appropriate for just one website.

It includes a drag-and-drop live editor, 90+ basic and pro widgets, 300+ basic and pro templates, 60+ pro site kits, and a drag-and-drop live editor. Under this plan, you may utilize Elementor ‘s theme builder to create gorgeous websites.


Expert is the most desirable plan, as it costs only $199 per year and allows you to utilize up to 25 websites! This might be a fantastic value for small and micro-businesses who need to construct several clients’ websites.


How To Install Elementor? 

Download Elementor, just like other WordPress plugins. You may accomplish it in one of two ways.

Using Elementor .com to install Elementor 

Step1: To get started, go to Elementor .com and select Get Started.

Get Started - The Brand Reality

Step 2: The second step is to create an account by providing your email and password.

Create Account - The Brand Reality

Step 3: Answer a few questions about the website’s purpose and how much experience you have with website development.

Elementor - The Brand Reality

Step 4: Decide how you want to construct your website. The Elementor  Pro plugin is available separately or as part of a package that includes the plugin and WordPress installation and maintenance. You may also look at other premium plans or begin with the free version. We’ll use the Free program for this demonstration.

Elementor Plugin - The Brand Reality

Step 5: Enter your website’s domain into Elementor ‘s checker to ensure your site is running on the WordPress platform, as Elementor needs you to have an operational WordPress site.

Site Domain - The Brand Reality

Step 6: Click Install Elementor when your site’s compatibility has been validated.

Good to Go - The Brand Reality

Step 7: Log in to your website’s admin login page if you’re redirected there. You’ll be transported immediately to the Elementor plugin page if you’re already logged in and the Elementor plugin download. Just click the Install Now button at the bottom right.

Elementor Website Builder - The Brand Reality

Step 8: A confirmation message will appear on the next page. You must click on the Activate Plugin button to activate the plugin.

Completed! All that’s left is to use the Elementor page editor.


How To Use Elementor in WordPress?

You can take your conceptual design and make it a reality using Elementor. The live editing process simplifies the process by allowing you to see all the parts as they are created. Here’s how the Elementor editor works.

Elementor  wordpress tutorial

Elementor has a user-friendly interface. This enables you to learn about the editor’s essential features within minutes.

Make a new piece of content and activate the Elementor editor by clicking the Edit with Elementor button.

On the right, you should see a live view of your design and the Elementor column on the left.

By selecting the library symbol, you may insert a prepared template to save time:

Make the template for your page full-width by choosing the settings button on the bottom edge to enter the page options section and picking Elementor  Full Width from the Page Layout drop-down once you’ve added the template.

  • Sections are horizontal rows that divide the page.
  • Inside sections, columns are used to split the team into stacked vertically.
  • Widgets are what you utilize to add content to your website. Your devices can be placed within a column. 
  • Drag a new widget over after the sidebar to your design. To remove an existing device, simply right-click on it and choose Delete:

To alter the settings and style of widgets, columns, or segments, pick it in the sidebar and access its settings:

Check out our comprehensive tutorial on designing a WordPress site using Elementor for a more in-depth look at everything we’ve covered here.


How To Use Advanced Features in Elementor?

Let’s talk about the more sophisticated capabilities you can utilize to construct and even provide a promise with Elementor Pro now that you understand how the fundamentals operate in Elementor.


Elementor ‘s built-in integrations allow you to improve your site by linking it to other third-party technologies you’re using.

Widget for Forms

The Form widget in Elementor is a versatile form developer that can save you from the requirement for a standalone form plugin.


Elementor  Theme Builder 

Theme Builder allows you to build your complete website using the beautiful Elementor editor.

Global Settings 

The Global Settings feature in Elementor Pro lets you establish and maintain your design system for your site, ensuring uniformity across the board and speeding up your operations.

WooCommerce Builder 

You’ll be able to construct your product page layouts and shop archive pages using Elementor ‘s drag-and-drop interface.

Elementor  FAQs

What exactly is Elementor?

Elementor is the most excellent FREE WordPress page builder that allows you to quickly and easily construct gorgeous WordPress websites.

Is Elementor compatible with any theme?

Yes, Elementor is compatible with almost all WordPress Elementor themes. We compiled a collection of the best Elementor themes.

Can I use Elementor to make changes to my blog page?

You certainly can. To edit it, you’ll need the Theme Builder.

Is it possible for me to edit all of the WooCommerce pages?

All of your WooCommerce store’s pages, including the Archive, Product, Menu-Cart, Cart, Checkout, Purchase Summary, and My Account, are editable.


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