Barbeque Nation Vs. Pirates of Grill: Which One is The Best for a Perfect Dine Out

Barbeque Nation Vs. Pirates of Grill

If you are a foodie, you must taste every nook and corner around your locality. Good restaurants are hard to find, so foodies like me keep looking for a good restaurant where the standards of food quality, customer service, ambience, price (of course, that’s important) are truly met. 

So, to cover the exciting range of mouth-watering menus, we will pick the famous restaurants that cover the fine dining majesty. These restaurants are Barbeque Nation and Pirates of Grill – The Two food chains that win our hearts over time. In this article, I will compare these two food places so that you can make a good choice for your next dine-out. 

I have differentiated both of the restaurants based on five things, viz. Hygiene, Food Quality, Customer Service, Value for Money, and Ambience. 

Here we go:


Barbeque Nation

BBQ Nation is good at keeping the hygiene of food. They take care of your taste as well as your health. They provide face masks and gloves to their employees and follow basic health protocols like regular temperature checks, washing hands, etc. Of course, a leading restaurant will not compromise on this, ever. 

Pirates of Grill

No compromise with the hygiene of food. They go by their brand value. The food ingredient is good, and no cost-cutting is done on that. Whenever you go to the restaurant, you will get your hands sanitized. From the chef’s hygiene to proper kitchen sanitation, they take every safety measure.

Food Quality

Barbeque Nation

The food quality at Barbeque Nation is also good. The casual spicy potato is really good, paneer kabab is amazing, though veg is less, however, the starter is endless and tasty. Veg dum biryani and tandoori roti are amazing; soup is just ok, mixed fried rice is average. Let me show you the review per dish.

Pirates of Grill

Now, talking about food quality, Pirates of Grill has an edge. It has a variety of dishes that you will never forget. It has a live grill that you will never experience anywhere. The serving of pineapple with honey is amazing. Russian salad and Pan ice cream will inevitably fascinate you.

Customer service

Barbeque Nation

Customer service at BBQ nation is amazing. One of my friends visited there and shared that the maitre d’ was very polite to our requests for food. His customer service overshadowed some drawbacks. Each of your wishes is taken care of to the maximum extent. The stewards do let you wait for your wishes.

Pirates of Grill

Like their food quality, they have amazing customer service. 5 out of 5 for their customer service. Even if you don’t like the food quality or are not satisfied with any dishes, they will change it to suit your taste. When I complained about the Russian salad, they immediately changed its composition to make me pleased as punch.

Value for money

Barbeque Nation

If we talk about their Delhi price list, they have a separate list on different days of dining. On weekdays, they have a price list, lunch, dinner, adults, and kids. They offer up to 50% discount on weekdays. 

Pirates of Grill

Pirates of Grill is more or less the same as BBQ Nation. However, there is no information about the discount and not even any offer like BBQ Nation. Lunch for two can be around 1400-2000/-. Pirates of grill’s discount offers vary by location.


Barbeque Nation

Here I was not happy with their ambience. The cartulary, table, and colour theme do not fit a restaurant. People are complaining that plates have scratches on them. It’s like they have not changed since the opening of the restaurant. However, they kept their food on good tableware.

Pirates of Grill

The ambience of Pirates of Grill is good. It feels good when you visit the restaurant. The furniture looks good and polished. Each tableware is taken good care of. They give you a royal feeling, like being treated like a king. 


The Foodie Verdict – Barbeque Nation Vs. Pirates of Grill

Both Barbeque Nation and Pirates of Grill are good in all the discussed attributes. Although there are some areas of improvement for Barbeque Nation, like ambience, the rest are good. I give it 4.5/5.

Pirates of Grill is all set to be the first place in your wishlist of good restaurants. They are good in all the parameters that a foodie will look into. I mark 5/5 for them.

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